Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review: Take Three by Karen Kingsbury


There are so many things that I can say about this book! I loved it for one, I cried & I laughed. Karen Kingsbury sucks you into the pages of her books as if your living the story. I love that about her books. Anywas on to the review for Take Three.

Take Three starts out with Andi taking a pregnancy test and finding out that she is pregnant. She has some tough decisions to make. As you are reading you can feel the pain that Andi is feeling. Andi makes her decision but what is it? Does she have an abortion? Doese she keep the baby? Or does she decide to give the baby up for adoption?

Then we move onto Bailey, she has some decisions of her own to make. We aslo find out what's happening between her & Tim. Are they still together by the end of Take Three or does someone else have Bailey's heart?

Chase and Keith also go to the premire of The Last Letter. Chase has made a decision concerning his place at Jeremiah Productions. What happens when he tells Keith he needs to be home with his family and will be a youth pastor for his church.

Well I think that's about all I have right now! Hope your all having a wonderful Sunday!

Thank you Zondervan for sending me this great book!

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