Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Leaving By Karen Kingsbury

Hi Friends!

I am so excited about Karen Kingsbury's new series about the one and only Bailey Flanigan.

In Leaving Baiey gets an audition in New York for Hairspray. Does Bailey end up getting the part or is she going to be making more movies?

She also goes to the premire of Unlocked with her family & of course Brandon Paul. Brandon tells Bailey that he has romantic feelings for her. Does Bailey share those same feelings or does her heart still belong to Cody?

Speaking of Cody. Cody lives in Indianapolis to be close to his mom who is in prison. He visits her every week. Cody is also going to school at night to get his teaching credintials. During the day he is a PE teacher and an assistant football coach at Lyle.

What happens when Cody goes to visit Bailey? Do they talk or does Cody run away? And what happens when Bailey goes to Indianapolis? Do Bailey & Cody get back together or does God have different plans for them?

Last but not least. Landon & Ashley Baxter Blake go through some trials of their own. Landon's lungs aren't doing so well. What will happen to him?

This was another GREAT book written by Karen Kingsbury! I can't wait to read the rest of the series to find out what happens to Bailey, Cody, Brandon Paul, & the Baxter/Blakes!

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