Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Longing by Karen Kingsbury

Well friends she's done it AGAIN! I didn't want to put Longing down. Karen you sure out did yourself with this one. I am soooo excited for Tuesday that's when LOVING comes out incase you didn't know that already!

Some questions were answered in this book. Like did Bailey and Brandon get engaged? As well as what has happend to the Lyle football team. Did they go on to win the state championship? What is the realtionship that Cody has whith Chey? Is it just a friend kind of love or is it a romantic kind of love? Also is Bailey still in Broadway and what is happening with her Wednesday Bible Study at Starbucks with her fellow castmates. Will any of them change and want to accept the Lord into their hearts to serve Him and only Him?

Those questions and sooooo many more were answered in LONGING. I wonder what will happen in LOVING....

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